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Nyrva Dorelus, one of South Floridas most sought after makeup artist has been in the makeup industry for over 8 years. Starting her makeup career working at Sephora, one of the top makeup retail stores in the world for 4 years. Later receiving an undeniable offer from Mac Cosmetics, the number one leading makeup authority. Nyrva accepted the managerial offer and continued to learn, gown and build her clientele within the company and outside of the company. After 3 years at Mac Cosmetics she knew it was time for her to venture off on her own journey to claim her spot in the makeup industry. Nyrva successfully perused her freelancing career and her own brand.


Nyrva is known for her ability to enhance anyone’s natural beauty and is careful to not make her clients look unnoticeable. She is skilled with the knowledge of  proper placement of products, the art of contouring and highlighting specific features and her infamous “Makeup No Makeup” make over. With her experience and array of different clientele she has mastered her signature look of making skin look like skin on any skin type, skin tone and even down to the most difficult undetectable undertones.


With Nyrva’s extensive resume which includes features on different television networks like TLC, E TV, and VH1 and her celebrity clientele. She has built a significant platform for herself to evolve into the best artist she can be not only for herself but for her clients.As she is growing with her   brand and craft everyday, Nyrva hopes to leave a notable impression on each and every client she touches.

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